Mom2Two Review

Life as a stay at home mom has ups and downs. I’m always interested to find others who are sharing this experience. One of those is the person behind the Mom2Two blog. She lives in the Pacific Northwest and covers such diverse topics as animals, cooking, decorating and growing up.

One of the sections I like best is the Mommy Time section, where she details how she carves out some time for herself. There’s also plenty of drama in her life, and the story of a Saturday night out is worth a read. This is a relatively new blog, but I am sure it’s worth watching.

Six Little Words

I was tagged by Michael Kwan to write a six word memoir. Some piece of useful advice that I would want to pass on, or that guide my life. It took me a long time to come up with the six words I wanted to use. In the end I fell back on six words that I keep on the noticeboard in my office:

Choices have consequences; use them wisely.

It reminds me to be careful of the choices I make. It’s not intended to be paralysing, and prevent me from making choices, but encourages me to be mindful of the likely results of the decisions that I make. I’m supposed to tag five other people, but I’d like to leave it open to those who want to play along. If you do, please post a link to this post and drop me a comment with the link to your six word memoir post.

Writer Writer Review

I found a gem today when I was trawling through some writing blogs. It’s called Writer, Writer, and it’s run by Suzanne James. I’ve met Suzanne before online and she has been a mine of information on anything to do with writing and publishing. As an editor and a published historical novelist, she knows the business inside out. Add to that her knowledge on promotion and you have a very useful blog indeed. Here are a few posts that caught my eye.

The blog has been going for a few months and it contains some great information. Definitely one to watch. It’s also worth following the links to Suzanne’s other blogs, which are also useful for writers.

Bloodstone Castle – Author’s Site

I’ve been checking out a new blog recently. It’s an author site for a forthcoming novel called Bloodstone Castle. It’s set in Genoa, and the site has a lot of information about the history of the city and some of the locations used in the book.

I especially like the post about pesto sauce. The site is still growing, but it’s one to watch. Check out the on-site profiles of some of the leading characters. It’s a great place to get some ideas for how to promote your book with a site.

I’d like to see slightly more information there, but I realise that it’s a work in progress. I’ll stop by to check it out again.